Strolling around Hawthorne Gardens you can’t help but be awed by the beauty that abounds. Hawthorne Gardens is a labour of love for Heather and Ian Hawthorne.

Heather and Ian first started developing Hawthorne Gardens in 1986 when they moved to their 10-acre block. The space devoted to the gardens kept expanding and now the couple have a glorious five acres of plantings. It includes rhododendrons, camellias, roses and exotic trees.

What makes Hawthorne Gardens so exceptional are the many intimate retreats that feature throughout. These are delightfully secluded and quiet ‘garden rooms’ – treasures often tucked away that offer the visitor a cherished place to reflect and enjoy.

In addition to the beautiful plantings, the gardens are alive with the sound of native birdlife including tui and bellbirds.

Hawthorne Gardens is a regular on the local garden tour circuit and also a stop for local tour company, Boutique Day Tours.

It is also listed on the Southland Gardens to Visit website.

Hawthorne Gardens is open by appointment. Groups are asked to please book in advance.

You have created a beautiful garden which is a great achievement. Your hospitality is appreciated and your garden has been enjoyed by all. Best wishes for many more happy gardening seasons.

Tokanui Garden Circle

Those that visited the garden were full of praise for the beauty and obvious hard work you put into them. People have phoned in to thank us and to commend your gardens.

Disabilities Resource Centre, Southland